Training is an essential part of building teams capable of effectively executing your mission and meeting applicable regulatory and internal operational requirements affecting your business, including the business of regulation itself. Training can help management and staff better anticipate, understand and map potential risks or evolutions that could adversely impact your business model, risk-basing practices or compliance regime.

Managers should know how teams function together in various scenarios.  For example, operational or management silos may prevent prompt and innovative approaches to regulatory issues or disguise potential risks.  Senior management, governance and stewardship protocols, and Board members may need external support to promote the proper flow of information among staff and upstream, and to illustrate and test how specified procedures can work in practice to bridge or mitigate potential gaps.

Practice using case studies and group exercises can improve team understanding of the relevant framework, standards, personnel and stakeholders applicable to their particular role and improve team and overall performance and responsiveness to unexpected or novel issues.

ALIGN has extensive experience developing and delivering short term training programs and exercises related to regulatory performance and can design a bespoke program to suit your needs.