Second Opinions

A financial institution, infrastructure or a regulatory/supervisory authority may seek consulting advice to obtain third party views on the concerns of affected parties with respect to market evolutions, internal organizational changes, consolidation of variously regulated operations, review of operational failures and/or the onboarding of new products and customers. This third-party review is often required by regulatory authorities to address governance and stewardship issues that impact Boards or to explain the effect of mergers and reorganizations on the culture of an institution and its compliance and other programs.

Sometimes, initial advice received may raise more issues than it resolves.  For example, advice might seem to be based on a “wisdom of the moment,” that is in the process of being revisited.  Or it might seem insufficiently tailored to the specific profile of the agency, institution, product or market to which it is delivered or insufficiently attentive to the impact of differences in culture when entities are combined.

ALIGN can provide expert advice concerning cultural and cross-jurisdictional matters. Align is experienced in developing programs tailored to enhance supervision and regulation in numerous jurisdictions and markets.

If you are:

Concerned that your usual in-house team or expert adviser has failed to recognize unintended consequences of a regulatory change or risks of a particular product or market development?

Worried that your view of an issue or that of your usual experts may be too parochial for a global marketplace or too narrow for a particular concern? And, uncertain whether your in-house resources can implement the many pieces of advice you have received on structure or compliance in a manner that will be well integrated into your strategy or policy-making process?

Uncomfortable with an existing diagnosis, forensic conclusion, or suggested cure?​

ALIGN can provide a second opinion which can be used to reinforce your internal policy judgments, to enhance them, or to surface new options. ALIGN’s broad experience can be used to complement and support the relevance of third-party expert opinions or to provide adjustments and further tailoring options for business and operational decision makers. Its approach also can assist you in integrating different programs that are under separate management or supervision while considering the interests of different stakeholders .