Latin America

STC External Securities Expert, Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) in Argentina (for World Bank 2011), and Colombia (for IMF 2012) and STC IMF technical assistance mission on updating supervisory practices in Costa Rica (2013).

Program Leader for Toronto Centre programs for financial services authorities on securities in Chile (crisis management), Colombia and Costa Rica (risk assessment and oversight), Ecuador, El Salvador and Uruguay (securities market development, leadership and oversight approaches) between 2010 and 2014.

Speaker, "Development of Uruguay Securities Markets," Conference. November 6-7, 2006, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Speaker, "First Derivatives and Financial Markets Conference," hosted by BM&F in Campos de Jordao, Brazil with Stanley Fischer as keynoter, speaking on the Importance of Financial Markets in Economic Growth (August, 2003).

Speaker, XI Seminario Internacional Bolcen,  Antigua, Guatemala, during violent protests precipitated by Constitutional Court finding prohibition of 1985 against military officers running for President did not apply retro-actively to General Efraìn Rìos Montt (July 2003).

Corcoran, Hobson, West et.al., “Designing a Derivatives Complement to Cash Markets in Developing Countries,” Chapter 11 in Focus on Capital: New Approaches to Developing Latin American Capital Markets, K. Dowers and P. Masci, eds., Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, 2003.