Asia and the Far East

Co-contractor, LUXDEV (the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency) and Vietnam State Securities Commission, Peripatetic Program  related to Vietnam Securities Legislation (off-site and on-site 2017 to 2021).

IMF STC External Securities Expert, FSAP Programs, Singapore, Indonesia (2) pre-OJK, Republic of Korea, Vietnam and peer review for Japan

Program Leader, Toronto Centre Programs on Securities Regulation, Market Development and Crisis Management: Cambodia (2), Indonesia, Singapore (10+), Malaysia (5+)

IOSCO Self-assessment preparation assistance: Labuan (2012)

Speaker, Futures Industry Association "Derivatives Regulation," Tokyo, Japan (2006).

Presentation to CSRC(China Securities Regulatory Commission) related to Bond Market Development under auspices of the European Trust Fund for China in Beijing, China (2006); Staff member,  Diplomatic Mission of Financial Regulators to Beijing (2005)

Thomas Patrick and Andrea Corcoran "Curbs on Oil Speculators, a Diversion," Asia Times, September, 2008.